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So that’s what it’s used for

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YES #misandry

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Can you give advice on how to unfuck a deflating ball pit?
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  1. Duct tape up any holes. You can use the fun colored or patterned duct tape for added pizzazz.
  2. Clean everything with a 1:10 bleach:water solution. Ball pits are horribly unsanitary.
  3. Consider a structure with sturdy sides instead of an inflatable one. It’ll hold up much better.
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DashCon + failure OTP

I never thought I would love anything this much, but the DashCon implosion proves there really is a fandom for everyone.

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DashCon:ball pit :: Kirk Cameron: Subway birthday party

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The best #cupcake ever. #cako #pride

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#rainbow #fruit salad fixings

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Why yes, that is a bacon/egg/waffle #breakfast sandwich.

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Stage 1: I hate Starbucks!
Stage 2: I hate Starbucks, but I have 10 minutes, I could go for an iced coffee, and there’s a Starbucks at my train stop.
Stage 3: I hate Starbucks, but the baristas are so nice and I also want a breakfast sandwich.
Stage 4: ???????
Stage 5: I love Starbucks!

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I am on a business trip to Boston and I am eating dinner ALONE and it is fucking magnificent.

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I think it is time we all admit that fame does terrible things to the human psyche and it is a lot easier to just assume that celebrities are awful people unless they’re Dolly Parton. Life will certainly be less disappointing.